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Finland-UN-Habitat Strategic Partnership for the SDGs

Harnessing the potential of the Finnish experience to advance the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa and worldwide

Facilitate international partnerships and development cooperation on SDG localization and Voluntary Local Reviews around the globe and specifically in the African continent based on the joint experience.

Project Goals

Support the exchange of knowledge and practices on SDG localization and Voluntary Local Reviews between cities and decentralized cooperation actors in Finland and the Africa continent through Twinnings. 

Strengthen capacities across Finnish cities and foster multilevel governance SDG localization. 

Facilitate the participation of relevant Finnish stakeholders in UN-led processes linked to the SDGs to share their example with other countries.

Implementing Partners

Tanzanian city of Mwanza launches the country’s first Voluntary Local Review

Groups of stakeholders

14 June, 2023 - The City of Mwanza this week launched Tanzania’s first-ever Voluntary Local Review! The VLR was developed aa part of the twinning partnership between the city of Mwanza and the sister city of Tampere in Finland.

Access the VLR of Mwanza online